01.Words That Hurt Me
02.Fall in Love
03.Thousand Miles Away
04.Mysterious Lady
05.My Reason
06.Baby Baby
07.Take Me Away
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U-KISS @ FIRST KISS live Osaka & Tokyo ^^

Edits of my ‘Quit Playing’ fav. moves - ‘Eli and the Butts’
» 33/ edits of UKISS

How do I explain to people that my hobby is reblogging pictures of Koreans?


©  U KISS for K Culture Magazine 


Adorable Kitty Kevin 。^・ェ・^。



stillmeadows asked: Yellow, red, and white ^^v

whooh~ this is going to be a long list ^^ 

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

  1. when i was a kid i went to visit my auntie with my daddy and we needed to take a plane to get there, i can’t remember what it was, but daddy didn’t have the right papers to have custody over me or something, so when the airplane security person asked me if he was my daddy i just kind of stared at him and didn’t speak XD poor daddy must have been so worried we wouldn’t be able to get on the plane because i didn’t tell the man he was my dad (i was really young lol)
  2. i used to record sailor moon onto vhs tapes everyday so my sister and i could watch them later on ^^ (same thing with inuyasha!) because sailor moon aired too early for us to wake up, and inuyasha was too late for us and we couldn’t stay up lol
  3. i loved tamagotchis as a kid ^^ i have every single generation up until 5 lol and i also carried around a mametchi pouch to hold my tamagotchi~
  4. when i was little, we had white couches ^^ and one day mommy bought my sister and i princess markers! so guess what we did;; we drew pictures all over the couch OTL and got a good yelling after that 
  5. i played pokemon a lot as a kid~ (and i still do huhu)
  6. i went to montessori (which is a private school for kindergarten / preschool) and i learned cursive and multiplication at the age of 5 so when i went to elementary i thought i was the smartest kid in the world XD 
  7. one time when i went camping with my family friends i had to pee really badly and i peed my pants but i was too embarrassed to tell anyone so i walked around with wet underwear for like the entire day OTL 

i’m gonna put a read more now because there’s still so much ^^;; 

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motochiworld asked: Purple: 10 facts about my room. :D

ou~ thanks for actually adding what the colour is ^^ that way i don’t have to search for it lol and hmm~ let’s see~

  1. i don’t have any ukiss posters (they’re in my sister’s room) rather, i have individual ukiss photos printed to look like stamps all over my walls~
  2. my walls are also a pastel pink ish colour (very similar to my blog / theme ^^)
  3. my bed is also pink~ it has green sheets though but pink pillows and a pink comforter~
  4. i have stuffed animals along my headboard and they really don’t do anything but look cute hehe
  5. my desktop computer takes up a lot of room in my room and i don’t really have any desk space to work with (cause i’m messy~) 
  6. i have (old, like from doradora to stop girl) kevriel photos of kevin stuck to the side of my computer, and along the edge of my shelf - which is also pink ^^
  7. my graduation “class of 2014” thingy with all my classmates photos in it is placed on top of my highest shelf, as well as my grad awards and my secondary school diploma
  8. at the tippy top of my shelf i have a gift i received from my friends for me 18th, it’s a photo of me and kevin at “prom” which sumi edited for me and they blew it up and framed it LOL(oh dear this is big OTL)
  9. i have this white curtain / mosquito net thing around my bed (for decoration - though it can potentially protect me from bugs lol it makes me feel like a princess~ 
  10. i actually made a video tour thing of my room last year and not much has changed since then if you wanna actually see it with your eyes lol
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