01.Words That Hurt Me
02.Fall in Love
03.Thousand Miles Away
04.Mysterious Lady
05.My Reason
06.Baby Baby
07.Take Me Away
don't deny our r²π
once you kevin you can't kevout
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The continuation of Jaeseop explaining why “rice” took up the most space in his mind…


Favorite part in Neverland's choreography.


how many followers until someone pretends to be my bias on anon

shake shake shake~


When AJ made a little mistake in Japanese



When Jaeseop tried to explain why “rice” took up the most space in his mind (according to what he drew on his chart)…

T/N: 밥 (or ご飯 in the Japanese subs) can mean rice or food/meal. I chose to go with “rice” here because it makes more sense with the carbohydrate thing, but in my opinions, I think Jaeseop actually meant both meanings.


Anonymous asked: Are you okay without ur glasses? Cuz if I don't wear glasses, I'll probably be half dead at school.. mehh~~ \(=~=)/

awh anony you’re so cute ^^ yes i’ll be okay without my glasses~ 
i only use my glasses for reading actually, and i only use them when i kinda have to use them - my eyes are very.. strange lol

sometimes i’ll have 20/20 vision and i can read everything perfectly fine, but sometimes my eyes get a bit strained and things get blurry, and thus i wear my glasses ^^ but i usually wear them all the time when i’m reading or homeworking so that i don’t have to experience the inconvenience of blurry vision ^^;; so i technically only sometimes need my glasses, and other times i have perfect vision~ 


Hoonmin for Saffron


Hoonmin for Saffron

Small Cute Grey Red Outline Pointer